About Me

So here's the thing: I didn't wake up one day and decide to be a photographer. It kinda just... happened. Always that friend with a camera in hand, snapping pics of every little adventure. Took a photography class on a whim, and boom! Suddenly, folks were asking for portraits. Fast forward, and now I've got this whole website, clients, and a decade-long ride I never saw coming. And y'know what? Every day's still a blast.

I've got a soft spot for capturing people. Everyone's got their own spark, and I'm just here trying to catch it. Whether it's a big group or just one awesome individual, I'm all about making sure you see just how cool you really look through my lens. And hey, I'm pretty darn proud of my work. When we work together, you’re getting my all - promise!

I'm located in Sacramento, California and am happy to travel.